Know Your “Why” – The letter that hangs on my wall

Know your “Why”.


This letter hangs on the wall of my bedroom, next to my door, so that its one of the first things I see and walk past every morning when I wake up.


It was gifted to me by a high school student after a talk that I gave about my journey of overcoming depression and anxiety and the skills I learned in the outdoor world that allowed me to do so. Those skills changed my life. They’ve afforded me many great opportunities; one of which is the comfort and calmness that I feel in just being authentically myself. That used to be a very illusive feeling that I wasn’t sure I’d ever fully get to experience. That growth over time has made me pretty frickin happy, and I’m ecstatic that sharing myself with others can elicit such a positive response. Gratitude. Humility. Happiness. Sense of purpose. Drive. That’s how I start my day, thanks to this student and their incredibly kind gesture.


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