Quarantine ReScreen | Scott Stevens | Suzy Greenberg 270 The Movie

In the time of COVID-19, a lot of us have found ourselves with an uptick in how much screen time is present in our lives.

If you’re like me, that means a lot of scrolling, and quite a bit of combing through content in search of something that a) I want to watch or listen to, and b) something that will hold my attention. So the #QRS, or the Quarantine ReScreen, marches on. To read more about the origin of the #QRS, click here.

Snowboarding, skiing, and skateboarding are undeniably intertwined. Snowboarders skate. Skiers skate. Skateboarders … well, I guess sometimes they slide on snow. Their sport is a little more year-round friendly and not as seasonally dependent. Maybe skaters are the cool kids and snow sport athletes are just trying to up their style points by emulating skaters? I digress. Given the similarities in each sport and the vibe of their respective communities, style and influence permeate into each group in the form of tricks, clothing, music, and more.

While Jesse Burtner popularized skate infused, one footed, and sometimes bindingless snowboarding, Scott Stevens took it to a new, very possibly unreachable, level. Not familiar with Scott? Originally from western Massachusetts, Scott is arguably the most creative snowboarder of all time. Burtner might hold that title. Scott just maybe has captured it from/ will capture it from him. A debate for another time.

If unfamiliar with Scott, take a second to get acquainted with his style by watching his video part from Union Bindings movie “STRONGER” below. If you are familiar with Scott, how many times have you watched this part? I’m willing to bet that it’s a high number.

And now that you’ve seen him on snow, check out his tramp skate skills to round out the full picture. While you’re at it, take a few minutes to get lost in his Instagram and come on back. From snow clips, to skate clips, to trampoline clips, Scott consistently showcases his creativity and flare. He talks about his style influences on this episode of The Powell Movement and also dives into his lifestyle, his family, his friends, and his pursuits.

Cool. Now that you’re up to speed, this edition of the #QRS features Scott’s own project Suzy Greenberg 270 The Movie. I loved this movie. There aren’t many times that videos hold my full attention anymore. I usually check my phone because I’m a desensitized and instant gratification craving loser like the rest of America, but I got absolutely lost in this flick and it was a fantastic feeling. The collage/ mashup editing format featured some of the industry’s finest riders and didn’t follow the typical ski/board movie equation. Given that the movie was a compilation of clips from Scott and friends, it also portrayed the lifestyle element of their escapades together.

See, like Scott, I was a kid who grew up in Massachusetts and whose exposure to snowboarding was small hills and terrain parks. This type of snowboarding was always more relatable than big mountain powder segments to me. Not that big mountain style didn’t capture me; it did, I just couldn’t do that kind of snowboarding with what I had to work with as a kid. I fell in love with snowboarding through urban segments and park shoots. It wasn’t until later that bigger and more expansive terrain got its hooks in me. Having also grown up skateboarding, Suzy Greenberg 270 The Movie felt like a nostalgic home video of my friends and I, ya know if we were pro snowboarders and skaters… which we were not.

Happy Friday. Have yourself an early quarantine happy hour. Or, since you’re working from home and have likely already cracked your first one, keep it rolling with this snowboard film. When you’re done watching and rewatching, don’t forget to pick your jaw up off of the floor.

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