Quarantine ReScreen | Ståle Sandbech | StaleLIFE 2019

In the time of COVID-19, a lot of us have found ourselves with an uptick in how much screen time is present in our lives.

If you’re like me, that means a lot of scrolling, and quite a bit of combing through content in search of something that a) I want to watch or listen to, and b) something that will hold my attention. So the #QRS, or the Quarantine ReScreen, marches on. To read more about the origin of the #QRS, click here.

Quarantine ReScreen | Ståle Sandbech | StaleLIFE 2019

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a professional snowboarder looks like? How about continuous, behind the scenes access to a pro rider’s life throughout the year; training season, competition season, off season, and everything in between? Well, thanks to Ståle Sandbech and Spencer Whiting, you can experience just that. The duo mesh so well together that the candid moments of their friendship give personality to their snowboard/ lifestyle vlog series StaleLIFEsetting it apart from the “action only” clips featured throughout most of the industry’s content distribution channels.

Sandbech is a staple in the snowboard competition world. The Norwegian native has represented his home country twice in the winter olympics, snagging a silver medal in Sochi. He is also a consistent contender in the Winter X Game’s slopestyle and big air disciplines with 6 career medals between the two. Stale notably reps ROME, Monster, Oakley and others. While he’s been competition focused for 14 years, the last couple have been a bit different…

Enter Spencer Whiting, aka GimbalGod, aka Spenny. You’ve likely seen his work before even if you didn’t know it was him. Spenny is a videographer and photographer; more specifically, though, he is a snowboard follow cam phenom known for his unparalleled ability to showcase snowboarding from camera angles that others simply can’t replicate. The former SNOWBOARDER Mag intern turned entrepreneur studied at CU Boulder and Penn State while cultivating his content creation and distribution company, The Mayhem Projects. Spenny is the man behind the lens who is responsible for shooting and editing StaleLIFE.

To familiarize yourself with both Stale and Spenny, check out their project LINES below.

While that project may have been the origin of the partnership between Stale and Spenny, the multi year process that it took to create the project birthed something that would grow to completely overshadow it: the normal episodes of StaleLIFE.

Stale’s ability on a snowboard is reason enough to watch. His style is so unique and so signature, that I find myself rewinding even the simplest of tricks to examine the small intricacies incorporated that make them his own. The camaraderie between Stale and Spenny elicits such personality off-snow that it adds additional flare and understanding to Stale’s riding when on snow. It just makes more sense when you “know” him, as it feels like we do now thanks to StaleLIFE.

Given the connectedness of the snowboard community, it is also incredibly common for other pros to make cameos in the episodes. It is just as common for Spenny’s camera to capture the shenanigans and games of the cast of characters produced by the snowboard community across continents and hemispheres. Combine that with Spenny’s signature content capture and editing, and you’ve got a captivating episode like the one featured below of their time at ABSOLUT PARKThough Spenny might have earned himself a reputation for losing chargers, batteries, phones, wallets, passports, camera gear, and cameras themselves, he’s also garnered a reputation for making content gold.

Now that you’re familiar with Stale and Spenny, you’re ready. Today’s edition of the Quarantine ReScreen (#QRS) highlights their 2019 season together. Set to Greta Van Fleet’sAlways There“, Stale flows and jumps beyond Spenny’s recognizably repurposed b-roll black bars, shares good times with friends, travels the world, and gets some time away from the competition courses and terrain parks that we’re accustomed to seeing him in. This 5 minute clip could be a standout video part in any snowboard brand’s annual film, and yet it is independently offered to us on youtube (with support from their sponsors, of course).

Happy Monday. Get your mood right for the week, and flow through it like Stale and GimbalGod.

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