Quarantine ReScreen | Arthur Longo | SHE – Side Hits Euphoria Chapter 3

In the time of COVID-19, a lot of us have found ourselves with an uptick in how much screen time is present in our lives.

If you’re like me, that means a lot of scrolling, and quite a bit of combing through content in search of something that a) I want to watch or listen to, and b) something that will hold my attention. So the #QRS, or the Quarantine ReScreen, marches on. To read more about the origin of the #QRS, click here.

Quarantine ReScreen | Arthur Longo | SHE – Side Hits Euphoria Chapter 3

Most snowboarders and skiers would probably tell you that the reason they love their sport is for the access it provides to flow. If you haven’t heard of flow state, hopefully you’ve at least experienced it.

Its a mental state where a person is fully engaged in what they’re doing while feeling fully energized, focused, and rewarded by the activity that they’re performing. This state usually combines both physical and mental elements simultaneously, and even engages a majority of the senses. Mihály Csíkszentmihályi identified flow state as a psychological phenomenon in 1975, though it is believed to have been present for thousands of years while wearing a different name tag (Buddhism, Daoism, being “in the zone”…).

The great thing about skiing and snowboarding is that there are different subsets of each sport. While everyone experiences a similar benefit/ enjoyment factor, they are captured differently based on the subset of the athlete. Whether its big mountain, park, urban, racing, moguls, in trees on the Ice Coast, or in the deepest powder of your life, skiers and boarders share a love of the feeling of flow that they get from sliding on snow.

Sometimes the content shared by each subset of the industry at large is, well, not very relatable to the average Joe or Josephine. More often than not the content shared is awe-inspiring and even aspirational to the consumers. Most newcomers to snow sports have seen the X Games, the Dew Tour, or the Olympics and have visions of throwing front 5’s, backflips, or jumping off of cliffs on their first ski trip when in reality they’ll be very fortunate to learn the basics of turning and stopping.

While that type of content is a powerful selling technique to potential snow sport enthusiasts and seasoned snow men/ snow women alike, most of us won’t find ourselves standing on top of an Alaskan spine line waiting for the green light from the heli when it gets into place to get the shot. We also will likely not be dropping into our second slope run with hopes of besting Mark McMorris. However, you can bet for damn sure that there will be a side hit at our home resort that we can boost off of with our friends. That’s where Arthur Longo and his Side Hits Euphoria project (SHE) come into play.

Arthur Longo is a pro snowboarder who left his previous role as a contest snowboarder who also put out film parts to just focusing on filming. The 31 year old Frenchman climbed the competition ladder and even represented his country on snow in Sochi. 2016 might have marked the end of competing for Arthur, but it was also a year that awarded him SNOWBOARDER’s Rider of the Year for his role in “Origins“. The former halfpipe competitor was a standout for his stylistic and fluid approach to snowboarding. He has maintained notoriety for his style since departing the competition scene, putting out exceptional video parts such as VANS’s Landline, Union’s Stronger, and TransWorld SNOWboarding “Origins“.

Arthur dropped Chapter 1 of his and Oli Gittler‘s Side Hits Euphoria series in January of 2017. The response was … uhhh, it was bonkers. Highlighting the simplicity of snowboarding, and the correlation between flow and snow, people were psyched on SHE for its relatability; even if you can’t maneuver quite like Arthur Longo. See below for yourself.

January 2018 brought Chapter 2. By this time, the anticipation had built. People clicked quick, and shared with similar speed. SHE Chapter 2 proceeded to spread across the internet throughout the snow sports community.

Its not surprising in the least that Arthur came from a halfpipe background. The dude is the definition of a tranny finder. (DISCLAIMER: Fear not, I’m not aiming to be insensitive or name call; tranny finder is popular vernacular in the snow and skate communities. Tranny’s, or transitions, are the sloped part of jumps where the landing transitions from sloped to flat. When it comes to side hits that feature small landings, the goal is to hit the transition. Hence, Arthur Longo = tranny finder extraordinaire.)

Watch SHE Chapter 2 below and you’ll see what I mean.

So, here we are. Rolling along with the Quarantine ReScreen, checking out Arthur Longo’s most recent installment of SHE C 3.

Along with SHE Chapter 3, the 2019 season brought with it a new board sponsor and a new team for Arthur. Staying with his existing sponsors VANS, Union, and Electric, he joined the likes of Scott Stevens, Kazu Kokubu, Kevin Backström and others on the CAPiTA squad. Given Kevin’s extensive background with side hit sending, it made a lot of sense to see him alongside his new teammate in Chapter 3.

Although Chapter 3 features more spins, more flips, and more amplitude, it still maintains the essence of the series with relatability and style. SO. MUCH. STYLE. The spins are not overdone whatsoever (in my humble opinion). In fact, the floated, slow-ro spinning adds the perfect amount of flair to crescendo the project in the right way. This 4 minute edit has more groove than most full films.

Happy Thursday. Here’s to spreading good vibes. Seems to be about beer: 30. Grab a bevy and enjoy happy hour. If your boss asks, you’re researching creative, new approaches to existing systems while exploring their potential trajectories. Add in that you think you can keep them simple and streamlined while still being effective. Cite Dr. Longo if you must. He is an expert on the topic after all.

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