An interview With Derek MacDonald on The Destination: Different Podcast

Destination: Different – Triple Threat – Skiing, Speaking, and Stoking With Derek MacDonald

Curious about life in Jackson, WY? What goes on in the ski/ snowboard scene? How to evade a moose on a ski slope? Any interest in hearing how my public speaking career came to be or what the process of creating The Expedition Journal looked like? Well, thanks to Ryan Dunn of YOPRO and The Destination: Different Podcast, you can listen to an interview where we got to chat about those things and more.

The Destination: Different Podcast is self described on their website as a show to “interview budding creators, entrepreneurs, and overall just general weirdos to discuss how they are building untraditional career paths for themselves“. Seemed like a very fitting place for me to be.

I really enjoyed this conversation. I’d never met Ryan, but we clicked pretty fast which allowed for a really honest, interesting, and funny banter. Thanks to him for asking me to be on the show! Go check out this episode and all of the other great guests on The Destination: Different Podcast. If Apple Podcasts is your jam, find the show here. If Spotify is more your thing, check out the podcast here.

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