An Interview With Derek MacDonald On The Occupation Wild Podcast

The Occupation Wild Podcast – Episode 45 – Mission Permission with Derek MacDonald

Have you ever felt like you wanted to go in a different direction? Felt like you’ve been following a path that wasn’t yours, but that was one that was expected of you? Have you considered making a career change or wanted to get into the outdoor industry? Occupation Wild is your new best friend.

Occupation Wild is a job board for the outdoor, adventure, and travel industry. They also have a podcast with some incredible guests who share their stories and their own tips, tricks, and perspectives on how they’ve navigated the outdoor industry.

The Occupation Wild Podcast is self described on their website as platform to “have casual conversations with extraordinary people! Exploring the unique and sometimes unusual paths travelers, athletes, dirtbags, guides, outdoor entrepreneurs, and nomads take to live a life beyond 9 to 5. All while diving deep into the process of paving one’s own path, understanding fear, cultivating community, and harnessing the power of your potential olive an adventurous life.

I had the wonderful opportunity of joining hosts Courtney Condy and Nick Watts as a guest on the pod for an interview about my journey to, and through, the outdoor industry. We talked about my background as a kid from Massachusetts who struggled with mental health and the pressures associated with fulfilling the expectations of others. I shared how my journey as a summer camp counselor and snowboard/ ski instructor in high school would eventually lead me to a career in the mountains of Wyoming. We also got to discuss my experience with learning and understanding how to manage mental health and the role that the outdoors plays in that process.

Give the pod a listen, give @occupation_wild a follow, and give a holler if you want to chat about anything in the episode! (or if you just want to go on an adventure)

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