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The Expedition Journal is intended to serve as a log of adventures and outdoor escapades; some of them my own, some of them from other people and places of interest.

My name is Derek MacDonald and I am a storyteller based out of Jackson, WY who believes that pocket PB&J’s are a staple of any day spent on a snowboard. I like sleeping outside, getting up at 4:00am to hike up mountains with my snowboard, catch the sunrise at the top, and then ride powder on the way down. I’m an avid marathon runner, though I love mountain biking and backpacking as well. You can also find me searching for sunsets by the water with friends and some good beer. So, the content I share tends to relate in some capacity to those things and others like them.

I have a decade of customer-facing experience in the outdoor industry. From guiding to marketing, providing elite experiences is the common thread. As a copywriter, content marketer, and personal leadership public speaker, I have long been enamored with how brands interact with both each other and with the participating members of their communities. I’m captivated by the way that organizations approach the art of providing experiences and with the messaging they use to do so.

Simply put… I’ve merged my passions for marketing and the outdoors to create valuable experiences for both brands and consumers. To check out some of my work, click here.

My experience comes from working with some awesome companies and organizations like Roadhouse Brewing Company, Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, NOLS, Ski The East, The Movember Foundation, Citizen Cider, Wilderness Adventures, and more.

I sit on the Board of Directors for Carving The Future in Jackson, WY and have also spent the last 11 years serving as both facilitator and keynote speaker for the Massachusetts Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership organization. I coach snowboarding for the Jackson Hole Ski and Snowboard Club’s competitive Freeride program as well.

photo credit: @_katielo

For an example of stuff you might find on The Expedition Journal, check out an article I wrote about a summer snowboard mission that turned into a medical rescue on tetongravity.com.

Aside from personal stories, I’ll usually share content affiliated with outdoor brands, the ski/snowboard industry, travel, and professional development. Check out how 10 Barrel Brewing forged into the snow-sports content scene.

Want to work together? Have questions about the outdoors? Maybe you want to link up and go do something fun outside? Check out some of my work and get in touch!

Send me a message via the links below or hit the contact page to go straight to my inbox.

Thanks for reading and happy exploring! See you in the mountains.



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