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The Expedition Journal is intended to serve as a log of adventures and outdoor escapades; some of them my own, some of them from other people and places of interest.

My name is Derek MacDonald and I am a snowboarder, public speaker, writer, runner, and backpacker currently based out of Jackson, WY.

What does that mean exactly?… Well, I like sleeping outside, getting up at 4:00am to hike up mountains with my snowboard, catch the sunrise at the top, and then ride powder on the way down. You can also find me searching for sunsets by the water with friends and some good beer. So, the content I share tends to relate in some capacity to those things and others like them.


For an example of stuff you might find on The Expedition Journal, check out an article I wrote about a summer snowboard mission that turned into a medical rescue on tetongravity.com.

My background is multifaceted-

I am an AASI Level 2 snowboard coach at Jackson Hole Mountain resort, a snowboard competitor on the Freeride World Qualifier series of the Freeride World Tour, and a backcountry expedition leader.

I work in marketing and focus specifically on content, event, and partner management. I am also a public speaker who discusses the importance of personal leadership and its relationship to the skills learned in outdoor education.  My experience comes from working with event management and inbound business-to-consumer marketing with NOLS, Ski The East, and The Movember Foundation. I attended the University of Vermont where I studied Public Communication and was an instructor of new-leader development for the Outing Club.

This means that aside from personal stories, I’ll usually share content affiliated with outdoor brands, the ski/snowboard industry, travel, and professional development. Take a peek at how I spent 2017.

Thanks for reading, and happy exploring! See you in the mountains.



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