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The Expedition Journal is intended to serve as a log of adventures and outdoor escapades; some of them Derek’s own, some of them from other people and places of interest. This means that aside from personal stories, you will usually find content affiliated with outdoor brands, the ski/snowboard industry, travel, and professional development. Check out all articles and posts.

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Quarantine ReScreen | 10 BARREL BREWING | Hold My Beer…

Growth is a natural process over time. People age, time passes, experiences come and go. The difference between growth and development?  Intention. Growth is inevitable, development is optional. 10 Barrel Brewing is relatively new to the snowboard scene, but their history lends itself well to the developmental pivot model. 10 Barrel’s snowboard career seems to have adopted the less is more progression model much like its athlete team. Hold My Beer… profiles Eric Jackson and Curtis Ciszek, but also hosts notable snowboard names like Bryan Iguchi, Mark Carter, The Manboys, and more.

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