Shifting Perspective to Welcome Opportunity

IMG_8719 2

When faced with a new opportunity, the unknown is the scary part. That’s fear. Notice it, accept it, and then do it anyway. You won’t REALLY know unless you do it. You’re not going to be an expert the first time you do anything. But, your attitude is a choice. Always. Respond, don’t react. Learning to take situations in stride and control how you approach them is a skill that gets better the more you practice.

I’ve adopted a not-so-secret equation that guides how I operate in life. It centers around exposure, judgement/ decision making, and self awareness. Essentially, it is a 3 pronged repeating cycle; look, try, assess. Look toward something new, try it, assess how it went.

Work- however that looks to you. But work hard. Short term goals = long term impact. Set measurable goals and start crossing them off. Your perspective dictates what you think is possible. So, push your boundaries and keep redefining what “achievable” means to you. Look, try, assess. Exposure is everything. Challenge normal. Normal is safe. RISK forward and embrace opportunity.

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